Code of Ethics

For me, it’s impossible to work without trust, honesty, and kindness. Actually, I don’t think anyone can. That’s why we make a point of maintaining an environment of transparency, collaboration, empathy, and concern for people. Here at Cielo, respect and teamwork are part of our routine, as well as the inclusion of different individual experiences.

This is the only way we will be able to generate even more value for our customers and society in general.

Our Code of Ethics is the guide that supports us in this mission. It was built to strengthen our path, steer our decisions and daily actions around our purpose of simplifying and driving business for all people.

More than organizing our corporate principles, this document reinforces the conduct we expect from our teams with all the people we relate to. After all, it’s our daily attitudes, guided by ethical behaviors, that translate the Cielo way of being.

When performing our duties, in any position, we need to ensure that our attitudes are aligned with what is most correct and fair.

With great diligence, we prioritize transparency and integrity in our relationships with partners, suppliers, investors, society, and other important groups that maintain some kind of connection with Cielo.

As industry leaders, we are committed to honoring our responsibility and propagating established practices through the policies, standards, and procedures we have built, ensuring the sustainable development of our company around a complex and important value chain.

So I invite everyone to read this document!

Let’s go together!

Estanislau Bassols


Cielo S.A.- Instituição de Pagamento

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I. Scope of the Code
II. Objective of the Code
III. Cielo's Culture
IV. General Conduct Guidelines
V. Cielo's Compliance Program
VI. Conduct Guidelines by Stakeholders
VII. Conduct Guidelines for Suppliers and Service Providers
VIII. Management of Cielo’s Code of Ethical Conduct


Updated on March 2, 2023.