Code of Ethics

I believe that building an admired and successful company comes from a combination of relevant products and services, excellent customer service, and a transparent relationship with society. And all this translates into an operating practice that we assemble under the hallmark of Code of Ethics.

Much more than a manual, our Code of Ethics is our essence. Built based on our intent to Simplify and Drive business for everyone and on the values we defend as a company, it brings together behavioral rules that, on a daily basis, help us make decisions and have attitudes compatible with the social role we want to play as a company.

Each company adopts the ethical principles it considers correct. Knowing and understanding these principles means that our entire ecosystem of partners, suppliers and investors is aligned around practices and behavior that we, Cielo employees, understand as the best and that strengthen us as a company, as a brand.

This is how we built the market leader we are, and it is from here that we outline the Cielo of the future: this connected, innovative company, concerned with the quality of its products, services, customer care and, above all, focused on offering the best experience to its clients.

Let’s do it together and have a good read.

Gustavo Sousa
Cielo S.A.

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I. Scope of the Code
II. Objective of the Code
III. Cielo's Culture
IV. General Conduct Guidelines
V. Cielo's Compliance Program
VI. Conduct Guidelines by Stakeholders
VII. Conduct Guidelines for Suppliers and Service Providers
VIII. Management of Cielo’s Code of Ethical Conduct


Updated on November 25, 2020.