Strategy and Competitive Advantages


Cielo’s strategy is to have full and extensive operations in several retail segments. Aiming at providing the best existing technological solutions, we want to be our customers’ first choice by delivering more value through increased sales and improved business management. Given the size of the industry and the various different needs, we work to develop and implement mass customization, with specific solutions for each need, combined with powerful distribution that reaches all audiences and regions.

In order to do so, we need:

  • To understand each client, its business and specific needs like no other player in our industry;
  • To go beyond payments to deliver value for our clients’ business – they sell more and are able to do more because Cielo takes care of the rest;
  • To guarantee incomparable benefits and reputation that build loyalty and make clients feel proud and have a sense of belonging.

By putting clients at the center of our operations, we believe we can maximize our profitability as we promote client satisfaction and, consequently, loyalty. Bearing this in mind, together with a pleasant and productive work environment, we believe in a simple concept: “happiness yields profits” #Let’sgiveourall!


In a dynamic and spirited market, with excellent growth potential, we believe agile, efficient, differentiated and, above all, client-centered operations are a decisive factor for the success of any initiative. In this context, the following advantages give us an edge:

– Market leadership:

Since its inception, in 1995, Cielo has been the leader of the Brazilian payment market (“acquiring vision”), benefiting from unrivaled distribution capacity, differentiated service level and great ability to adapt and innovate. All this is coupled with robust technology because our clients’ business cannot stop.

– Innovation in our DNA:

We work day and night (our operations are 24/7 year round) to ensure that the best technological solutions are available to our clients. We are not only talking about capture solutions, but also about management, including marketing and customer loyalty. Over the years, we have sought to position ourselves ahead of the competition, offering the best available solutions, as well as developing solutions that we believe can help our clients sell more and obtain better results.

– A motivated and qualified team:

As we are a service company, it is people that make a difference. At Cielo, providing the best possible work environment and promoting personal and professional development are crucial to enable us to offer the best solutions on the market. We truly believe and always keep in mind that “happiness yields profits”.