Code of Ethics

Message from the CEO 

The Code of Ethical Conduct is a reflection of how our company engages with stakeholders and how it maintains its ethical commitment to society and to all its employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers.

This document is based on our corporate principles and reaffirms the guidelines of conduct that we uphold to follow with all our stakeholders. Therefore, it is important to reflect on our mission and our values, which define our path as a company and, consequently, our daily actions, in order for us all, as a group, achieve the same goal.

We believe that everybody should perform their duties with the same attitude and diligence that they would employ in the conduct of their private affairs, and therefore putting into practice what we understand is right, just and honest. In this way, we ensure a healthy corporate environment for all of us.

We are all responsible for the dissemination of ethics in Cielo and throughout its value chain and the promotion of good practices established in our Company through policies, norms and procedures that ensure trust in labor relations. This is how we will build a company capable of making a difference and contributing to the sustainable development of our country.

We would like to invite all Cielo’s employees and other stakeholders to read our Code of Ethical Conduct, 2019 edition.

Best regards,

Paulo Rogerio Caffarelli
Cielo S.A.

I. Scope
II. Purpose
III. Mission and Values
IV. General Conduct Guidelines
V. Conduct guidelines by Stakeholders
VI. Management of Cielo’s Code of Ethical Conduct
VII. Exhibits