Products and Services Policy

Review History

Version: Date of Review: History: 
1 06/03/2013 Document creation
2 04/29/2014 Item 6 included and item 8 updated
3 06/08/2015 Inclusion of items: Scope (II), Complementary Documentation (III), Concepts and Acronyms (IV), Responsibilities (V) and Consequence Management (VII). Adequacy of Purpose (I) regarding the sustainability concept. Update of Guidelines (VI) with the inclusion of items 2.4, 10, 11 and 12 and adjustments of items 1, 6, 7 and 9.
4 08/01/2017 Update of items I. Objective and subitem 2.2 of VI. Guidelines


I. Purpose
Offer products and services which foment the sustainable growth of Cielo, its partners and Customers, promoting positive impacts for society, current and future generations.

II. Scope
This Policy shall apply to all areas in charge of development, management and delivery of Cielo S.A.’s Products and Services

III. Complementary Documentation

  • Cielo’s Code of Ethical Conduct
  • Prevailing laws and regulations.
  • In-company rules are continuously improved, approved by appropriate authorities and made available to all employees.

IV. Concepts and Acronyms

  • VPE: Executive Vice President
  • Stakeholders: All relevant public with interests related to the Company, as well as individuals or entities assuming any type of direct or indirect risk towards the company. Amongst others we point out: shareholders, investors, employees, society, customers, suppliers, creditors, governments and regulatory agencies, competitors, press, professional associations and entities, users of electronic means of payment and non-governmental organizations.

V. Responsibilities

  • Management and Employees: Observe and ensure the compliance with this Policy, and when deemed necessary, prompt the Products and Services VPE for consultation on situations involving conflict with this policy, by means of occurrence of the situations described therein.
  • Products and Businesses VPE: Comply with the guidelines set forth herein, keep it updated so that to ensure that any changes in Cielo’s directions are incorporated and clarify doubts related to its content and application.

VI. Guidelines

1. Cielo’s products and services mainly aim at meeting Customers’ needs with quality, reliability, availability and efficiency, as well as promote the business’ sustainable growth, positively impacting society.
2. The development of products and services and the approval of business models observe in-company’s assessment methodologies, which mainly consider:
2.1. The optimization of the Company’s financial, procedural, and/or organizational resources, in order to guarantee greater operational efficiency.
2.2. The guarantee of gain ratio amongst all the market’s agents (issuers of cards, brands, shareholders and partner companies) and, especially, Customer, whether a merchant, a large corporation, a micro entrepreneur or self-employed worker.
2.3. The consideration of macroeconomic, social and environmental impacts.
2.4. The compliance with laws applied to its products and services and operations in compliance with laws.
3. Products and services take into account Cielo’s role as business partner of its Customers, seeking to increase sales and making accessible to consumer the payment of his purchases.
4. Cielo develops products and services enabling Customer to offer campaigns or loyalty actions to consumers.
5. The development of products and services considers Customer’s full usability of all channels offered by the Company, as well as it promotes the creation of new capture solutions ensuring Cielo’s widespread distribution and comprehensive footprint in the means of payment market, taking into account easiness and convenience.
6. Planning and impacts of new projects or products or relevant changes to those already existing are assessed considering: optimization of the Company’s resources, guarantee of gain ratio amongst all the market’s agents (issuers, brands, shareholders and partner companies) and especially, customer.
7. Cielo plans, develops, innovates and repositions its products and services, and related business models, considering the social, environmental and macroeconomic impacts in the short, medium and long terms. In this regard, Cielo seeks to optimize the use of natural resources, reduce the emission of polluting agents, and be adapted to climate changes. Social inclusion aspects are considered, besides the minimum required by laws, promoting the financial inclusion of deprived social classes and customer segments with strong social impact, such as NGOs. With the development of products and services and the creation of payment solutions, Cielo contributes to the formalization of Brazilian economy, observing governmental initiatives, fomenting growth and society’s development.
8. The innovation, coupled with the development of new products and services, seeks to maintain Cielo as benchmark of network and payment services, besides creating value and differentiation.
9. All employees and other related parties have an open channel to propose ideas and suggest improvements in processes and products, stimulating the innovation process. With this purpose, different communication channels are made available to send suggestions, complaints and opinions.
10. Cielo discloses clear information to customers on its products and on the use of its services, through several communication channels.
11. Perceptions, opinions and customers’ satisfaction are systematically monitored, aiming at understanding their needs and guide the development of products and services so that to conciliate the appropriate meeting of these needs.
12. Products are analyzed during their life cycle, seeking a sustainable performance. Environmental and social externalities of Cielo’s products and services are assessed, focused on minimizing the social and environmental impacts and identifying synergic alternatives with sustainability.

VII. Consequence Management
Employees, suppliers or other stakeholders who observe any deviations to the guidelines of this Policy, may report the fact to the Ethics Channel ( or 0800 775 0808), and may identify themselves or not.
Internally, the failure to comply with the guidelines of this Policy envisages the application of measures to charge the agents who do not comply with this Policy according to related seriousness of such non-compliance.

VIII. General Provisions
It shall be incumbent upon the Company’s Board of Directors to amend this Policy whenever it deems necessary.
This Policy shall take effect on the date of its approval by the Board of Directors and revokes any rules and procedures contrary thereto.